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Retractable safety syringe prevent syringe reuse and needle stick injuries.



Syringe Reuse

"Reuse of syringes is one of the major problems facing preventive and curative healthcare in the world. Many countries have syringe reuse rates of 50% and more .Whether unintentional due to poor understanding of risks, or intentional due to greed or supply shortages, the practice of reusing syringes causes significant transmission of diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C. People being treated for one disease may be inadvertently given another, more harmful disease."

Dr. Michael Free,
VP Senior Advisor for Technologies,
PATH Program for Appropriate Technology in Health

Needle Injury

1 in 300 Chance to be affected with HIV

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health in US estimates that 1 of 300 health care workers who get a needle stick while working with an HIV positive patient will contract the virus. When treating patients with hepatitis C, a potentially fatal liver disease, 2 of every 100 sticks lead to an infection.

The World Health Report published data demonstrating that 2.5 % of HIV cases among health care workers 40% of hepatitis B and C cases among health care workers worldwide are the result of occupational exposure.

WHO 2002

Risk of Transmission of Bloodborne Infection

Occupational Exposure


Hepatitis B Virus (HBV)

Hepatitis C Virus (HCB)

Why needle stick happens?

What's a safety injection

According to WHO''s definition a safe injection is one that:

Does no harm the Recipient

Does not expose the provider to any avoidable risk

Does not result in any waste that is dangerous for other people

Retractable Safety Syringe



Lower dead space minimize medication waste













Retractable safety syringe






With repeated vaccine shortages over the past few years, the necessity for a low waste space syringe, such as the Retractable Safety Syringe, has been proven.

By using the Retractable safety syringe instead of a traditional Luer syringe, you can stretch your supply of vaccine to treat more patients.